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To implement the chemistry of SCR, sophisticated process technology need to be employed. The most important process steps and their associated technical equipment are shown below.
PPM provides a range of unique products to achieve all this requirements economically and reliably.

Storing, level control and transport of reactant (40% urea)

Storage tank and pipework will usually be provided by the customer.

All material coming in contact with urea must be corrosion-resistant.

Dosing of reactant

Booster pump and dosing device - All In One

Mechanical equipment for pressurization and accurate flow control should be durable, reliable and easy to maintain.

Injection and atomization of reactant

Air cooled injector with two-component jet

Pressurized air is used to form a spray of uniformly sized droplets. Optimal air consumption ensures economic operation.

Evaporation of reactant and formation of ammonia

Injection Pipe

Previously formed droplets must not bounce against any surfaces. Incomplete transformation causes excessive urea consumption.

Mixing of exhaust gas & ammonia

Mixing pipe

Homogenous distribution of NOx and ammonia at minimal pressure loss is one secret for economic operation.

Catalytic conversion of nitrogen oxides

Converter filled with catalysts

Highest performance at minimal pressure loss while avoiding any ammonia slip results in significant cost saving in the long-run.

Automatic catalyst cleaning

Dust blowing system

Running the engines with particular fuels can call for an automatic cleaning system in order to keep high performance levels at all times.

Instrumentation and control

Control cubicle, operation panel, sensors

A user friendly HMI paired with long-lasting electrotechnical components will enable a seamless integration in the normal course of life.